T-Shirt Property - 4 Styles

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Isn't that cool? This casual cotton t-shirt is your companion for every day and night. The history of this property-of-design t-shirts we did not invent, because Norman's Cay, Bahamas was once a private island. It's been a long time, but true. We like the print very well and the subtle brand logo of the Cocaine Cowboys, which is sewn on the side of the hem, completes the design.
This t-shirt is universally applicable: Under sweater and sweatshirt it promises highest wearing comfort. With sneakers and training pant it's even allowed to go to the gym. Ideal for Jeans, Bermuda or Chino. And on request, you can also think of a story to the imprint, which can fill out and enrich so many party evening and will.

Product Information

The t-shirt was made in Europe, but the idea for the design comes from Bogotá.

Special Instructions

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The t-shirt is suitable for machine wash at 30°.